How to Earn Money in Ghana Using Google AdSense

The most common ad platform is known as Google Adsense, and Google owns it. In Ghana, it’s actually one of the least often used means of earning money from website visits. Even if blogging is new to you, you have probably heard of Google Adsense.

It is, in my opinion, the easiest way for bloggers to make money off of their blogs. However, you must abide by Google AdSense’s strict rules. If not, this might lead to difficulties for you if AdSense is your sole revenue source.

So long as you have a blog, YouTube channel, or Google Play Store app, you can sign up for Google Adsense for free.

Google AdSense: What Is It?
Google offers an advertisement placement tool called AdSense. Website publishers who wish to include targeted text, video, or picture advertising on their pages and get paid when users watch or click on the ads may utilize this program.

Google is in control of handling and supervising the adverts, and all web publishers have to do to show the advertising is sign up for a free Google AdSense account and copy and paste the given code. AdSense produces revenue either per click or per impression. Joining the Google AdSense program as a recognized website publisher is free.

How does AdSense by Google operate?

Perhaps you’ve ever asked how Google AdSense functions.

Google Adsense operates on a revenue-sharing and cost-per-click (CPC) model. Google charges advertisers for each click on an advertisement, and publishers receive around 68 percent of the price the advertiser has agreed to pay for each click.

To take part, publishers only need to use their Gmail accounts to register for Google Adsense. You will need to add a JavaScript code to your blog’s webpage after signing up.

All you have to do is copy the code, and Google will take care of everything else. The Javascript code displays advertisements from Google’s servers in the form of text, pictures, or both each time an end user views this page.

Google displays customized ads to your viewers in a way that is unique to it. The majority of ads that are displayed are pertinent to the content of the webpages where the code has been placed. Additionally, ads could be shown in accordance with your end-user’s surfing history.

You will be paid whenever users of your website begin clicking on these advertisements. Even though you are willing, please refrain from clicking on your advertisement. This could result in a suspension from the program.

How to Gain Approval for Your Google AdSense Account

You have to apply and get approved before you can use the Google AdSense program. You must register and add the JavaScript code to your website in order to receive approval for Google Adsense. Google will review your application, and if it is accepted, you can begin using Google AdSense to make money.

I’ll be outlining the 4 fundamental stages for applying to and being accepted into Ghana’s AdSense affiliate program.

1. Write Useful Content
Once your website is up and running, the first thing you need is quality content. To improve your chances of getting approved, make content that is informative, original, and unique.

Before submitting, I advise you to have at least 20 well-written articles on your website, each no less than 500 words, if you want Google Adsense acceptance as soon as possible.

2. Create A Beautifully Designed Website Layout Or Theme

To receive AdSense approval, your website must have both high-quality content and a well-designed layout. A well-designed website should be easy to navigate. Remember to include pages like “About Page,” “Contact Page,” and, most importantly, “Privacy Policy.”

3. Setup for Google Adsense
You must sign up before submitting your Google Adsense application. Your home address, phone number, email address, individual or business name, and website URL will be requested.

You are not required to input the details of your bank account at this time. Following approval, you will have the chance to provide the details for your bank account at a later time.

4. Get approval for Google Adsense
It will take Google between 24 and 48 hours to review and approve your application after you submit it. Following the previous instructions should solve any problems you have with obtaining acceptance.

As soon as your account has been approved, you can begin running advertisements on your website. If your application has been rejected, follow the recommendations for better results and try again in three to four weeks.

 Earning Potential From Google Adsense in Ghana

The amount of money you can earn in Ghana using Google Adsense has no maximum. The lowest payment threshold, however, is $100.

Remember that when you submit your application, you aren’t required to submit the details of your account. Adsense will send you a PIN to confirm your payment address if you are approved to receive up to $10.

You can ask for another PIN to be provided, though, if you still haven’t received it after 21 days. It will be recommended that you use another form of verification if you are unable to obtain the address verification PIN three times.

You can select your chosen payment option when you’ve verified your Adsense account and earned up to the $100 payment threshold.

Your payment may be sent to you via check, direct bank transfer, or a third-party payment processor such as Payoneer. You can choose whatever you like; however, I suggest making a direct bank transfer.

In summary

Although Google Adsense may be the simplest online income stream, it could be quite challenging to make your first $100. On the other hand, if you set up your site right from the beginning, it will be easier. Additionally, ensure that the category of your website is suitable for advertising, as this has a significant impact on your AdSense revenue.

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