Her parents are in pursuit of me with the police

Hi GONJAMEDIA, Kindly read this and help me out with your opinions.I met this lady somewhere last year who has been my friend since then.

She is very beautiful. I am also good-looking, but I never thought of landing a lady like her since girls now go after money and not looks.

love and issues

We began as friends, and we were both not dating, so we could go everywhere together with no second guesses. Fast forward, and we fell in love and started dating. Note this: I am not financially stable, so this lady has been helping me with my fees and other stuff.

But recently, a pastor from her church just kept following her up and down, seeking to marry the lady. But when the pastor realized she was not giving in, he went straight to her parents. Now her parents are asking her to marry the pastor since he is a man of God and, at the same time, rich.

Her parents have been chasing me with the police for 3 months now. Because of this present situation, I have decided to leave her. I have been ignoring her calls and all that, but one day she came to my hideout unannounced to cry and beg me. After that, she demanded we make love that night.

And I told her I don’t have protection as, at that moment, I also know she doesn’t like taking contraceptive pills. She insisted on saying she would take pills when she got home, not knowing it was her plan to get pregnant.

Now she is pregnant and has no intention of getting rid of it. Her parents, too, are now more furious, to the extent that military men are also on the ground looking for me. This girl wants to run away with me to Togo since I have relatives there.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Her only other option is to look at her face and tell her I don’t love her. She will abort the baby and never follow me again. I’m lost, and I don’t know what to do at this point.

Please kindly share with me your suggestions and opinions in the comment section. Your opinions will save a soul.


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  1. Wow this is serious . The best option is to run with her to Togo or better still save his life first

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