Ghanaians should manage their expectations on Grammys- It is not World Cup

Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has articulated that securing a Grammy accolade should not stand as the singular gauge of a musician's triumph.


Wendy Shay

Recognizing the honor linked with claiming a Grammy, Wendy Shay stressed the importance of an artist’s music resonating with people’s lives, placing greater significance on its impact than on individual achievements.

In an interview with Giovanni Caleb on the Showbiz 360 program shown on TV3, Wendy Shay said that some Ghanaians treat the Grammy awards as if they were the World Cup, and she aided people manage their expectations.

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

She stressed that music is a powerful force and cited examples of legendary musicians like Bob Marley and Tupac, who never won Grammy awards but remain very influential in the history of music.

“I feel like when our Ghanaian brothers hear of something like this they should manage their expectations because they take it as a world cup. I feel like music is bigger than all of these things. I am not downplaying that fact [Grammy being the biggest award in music].

“It is good to be recognized I mean we will all be happy if one day God willing we should win but that should not be the end of the world if it happens,” she noted in an interview with Giovanni Caleb on the Showbiz 360 program aired on TV3.

“I feel like some of the greatest musicians that ever walked on this planet such as Bob Marley, Tupac never won Grammy awards so that should not be the yardstick. All I am saying is, it should not be the standard to measure the success of a musician. Music is so powerful that it is the only food for the soul. And to get just a soul to be happy is the ultimate goal,” said Wendy Shay.

Wendy Shay urged Ghanaians to stop using Grammy awards as the sole measure of the success of an artist, emphasizing that music serves a higher purpose by bringing happiness to the soul.

Shay Concert 2023

This conversation comes in the wake of the 2024 Grammy Awards nominations, where no Ghanaian artists were included in the list despite high expectations from fans.

Remarkable acts like Black Sherif and Stonebwoy, who received acclaim for their albums, were absent from the nominees’ list, leading to disappointment and discussions about the support, promotion, and recognition of the Ghanaian music industry.


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